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Ecuador News
August 16, 2013

August, 2013

Great Green Macaw spotted in Ecuadors Canande reserve.

Forest guards Alcides Zambrano and Jacinto de la Cruz immediately noticed something different when they woke July 22: the nearly constant rain that inundates Ecuador’s Chocó Region, and its noisy patter on their tin roof, was absent. Pleasantly energized by the change in weather, the two set off on a patrol of the Rio Canandé Reserve, where they are employed by WLT-US partner Fundación Jocotoco. Read More

Medical Tourism an unexpected fringe benefit by Josh

Expats head down to Central America for the scenic beauty, the year-round spring-like weather and the low cost of living that makes these countries a prime retirement spot. But now something new is drawing them in, the promise of world class health care at extremely affordable rates. And with such a short commute from Central America to the U.S., what could be better for North American expats? For many people, choosing to travel overseas to receive medical treatment is basically a no-brainer (especially after the recession) and medical tourism is experiencing a new wave of popularity. But does quality of Medical Treatment have to be sacrificed? Read More

Dumbest traffic laws: You have been warned by Josh

Speeding in Cuenca, Ecuador, can land you up to 3 days in jail. If your upcoming travels include a drive through any of these Latin America countries, might we suggest making it a leisurely one. You’re putting yourself in enough danger just by being on the road with most of the other crazy drivers. If you do insist on putting the pedal to the metal, be prepared to fork over a substantial fine or even spend some time in the slammer. Laws down here can be asinine, and the cops can be brutal. Consider yourself warned. Read More

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