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Happy Easter in Ecuador
March 23, 2013

Easter in Ecuador

There are many reasons that people like to come and visit Ecuador. Galapagos, Andes Mountains, Amazon Jungle, food, adventure, history, culture, even medical tourism and now many come for retirement. But some visit to experience the celebration of Easter referred to as “Santa Semana” or “Holy Week”. Many cities throughout Ecuador celebrate in different ways. Most of the population are Catholic (around 95%) and celebrate throughout the “Holy Week” starting on the Sunday before Easter “Palm Sunday”.

On Palm Sunday there are special masses and processions with palm branches. This is to commemorate Jesus’ birth in Jerusalem. The following few days are filled with a variety of parades or processions. Thursday (“Holy Thursday”) and in Cuenca there is a large parade which reenacts Jesus carrying the crucifixion through the streets. Many families visit 7 different cathedrals throughout the city – La visita de las 7 Iglesias. Good Friday also has more parades but be aware that most business’s are closed on this day as it is classed as national holiday.

As many Ecuadorians abstain from eating meet for a week Saturday is generally the day to break the fast. You will find people fill the streets and there is music in the air. This then is a time for celebrations and the food which is eaten is fanesca. Fanesca is a traditional soup which is made quite differently throughout the country. The main ingredients are salted cod fish and a variety of 12 different grains depicting the twelve apostles.

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Recipes vary and some chefs may add cheese, plantains, bread, avocado and boiled eggs. A treat is the special breads filled with jam called guaguas de pan. If you happen to be in Ecuador do make time to taste Fanesca as it is only served at Easter time. CLICK HERE for a delicious Fanesca recipe you can make at home.

Easter Sunday is generally a day full of masses and more processions and also enjoying family and feasting on delicious foods.

Happy Easter

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