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Ecuador Update
June 09, 2013

Ecuador News

It is always interesting reading about expats who have relocated to Ecuador. Check out our Expat Stories page to read more and feel free to add your expat story.

5th June, 2013

Judy Blankenship and Michael Jenkins leave their house in Portland, Ore., and travel 4,300 miles — a two-day trip that usually involves three flights and one miserable bus ride that takes about five hours but feels more like a week — to a ragged town high in the Andes. More…

From clouds to coast – the new passenger train from Quito to Guayaquil

Travel the World by Jason Hefli

WASHINGTON D.C., June 6, 2013 — Few things impart the romance of travel more than the sound of a train whistle. Now that the tracks between Quito and Guayaquil have been rehabilitated and modernized, that iconic sound has returned to Ecuador. Riding these rails on a “tren crucero,” or train cruise, is an incredible way to soak up the beauty of the country. Descending from the thin air of the Andes to the steamy coastal region, the variation in the landscape and culture of Ecuador becomes clear.

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Want to find out the local news in Ecuador. Then got to our Expat News page.


RIE Team

Expat Classifieds

Don’t forget to check out the expat classifieds which are free for personal placements. There are many interesting new ads being placed weekly and those who seeking to find new friends and those who are looking for a pen pal in Ecuador. CLICK HERE.

Getting to Know Cuenca Tour – take a tour through Cuenca with expats Michel and Ashley through this wonderful city. Find out from these expats what it is really like to live in Ecuador.

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Join Michael Karsh as he interviews expats who have relocated to Cuenca, Ecuador - $29.95

Cuenca Ecuador

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