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Ecuador News
September 20, 2013

Ecuador Crash Course - 10 day tour through Ecuador

The Ecuador “Crash Course” will allow you to see the country, while learning to speak survival Spanish and becoming familiar with the culture and customs of Ecuador. Your tour guides are expats who have lived in Ecuador for over 25 years and who will share with you a wealth of knowledge about living in Ecuador.

In an efficient and fun way, they will help you become familiar with this beautiful country and, if you do decide to relocate, make moving to Ecuador a positive and peaceful transition. The ten day tour will start with two days in the capital of Quito, combining survival Spanish classes with museum visits and outstanding guest speakers, including college professors and experts in fields of interest such as Ecuadorian history, culture, food, and politics. Using Quito as a classroom, you will explore different areas of the city, including Quito’s famous colonial district.

We are now adding an additional 2 and a half day extension to Loja and Vilcabamba!!!!! Inquire for more details!

Jonathan and Sarah your tour guides say "Don´t forget - - we are proud to say that our ECUADOR CRASH COURSE! tour is the most comprehensive of tours and is one of the best deals you will find! Shop and compare, we are sure you will agree!"

For prices and tour dates and to make a booking CLICK HERE

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Getting to Know Cuenca Tour – take a tour through Cuenca with expats Michel Blanchard and Ashley Rogers through this wonderful city. Find out from these expats what it is really like to live in Ecuador.

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Join Michael Karsh as he interviews expats who have relocated to Cuenca, Ecuador - $29.95

Cuenca Ecuador

Enjoy this wonderful documentary by Ashley Rogers. CLICK HERE

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