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March 01, 2014

At Ecuador Expat Journeys we offer a variety of tours and services!


This tour takes you not only to the expat "hotspots" of Cotacachi, Cuenca, and the coast, but as well to several out of the way places where we see and experience the “real” Ecuador - while learning survival Spanish, Ecuadorian politics, customs and culture. All along the way you will be meeting expats who now call Ecuador home and making invaluable contacts. We also meet with Ecuadorian professionals - lawyers, educators, and business people . . . for a complete overview of life in this incredible country.


When we are not traveling with the CRASH COURSE tour, we will happily custom tailor a trip that meets your needs and fits your time frame. Depending on your agenda we can arrange and accompany you on site- specific tours to the Northern Highlands (Ibarra region), or to the South (Loja, Vilcabamba) and anywhere in between. A lodge in the jungle? Historical tours of old town Quito or visits to the beautiful Quito valleys? Hot springs at Papallacta, Baños, Chachimbiro? The Galapagos?


Personalized help in finding the resources you need, facilitation of medical care, translating services or any other help in your exploration of or transition to beautiful Ecuador!!!!

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