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Dentist in Cuenca
February 01, 2013

Dentist in Cuenca

Francisco Heredia is a Doctor in Dentistry and a specialist in Endodontics in Cuenca, Ecuador.

Francisco has a Doctorate in Dentistry which he received from the University Of Cuenca, Ecuador in 2004. In 2006 Francisco graduated from the University of El Salvador – Argentina where he received a diploma as a Specialist in Endodontics and belongs to the Dentistry Association of Argentina.

What is an Endodontist?

Answer: An Endodontist is dental specialist that has completed 4 years of dental school along with additional 2 or more years of specialty training in endodontics (root canals). In other words, an endodontist is a root canal specialist.

Francisco describes his treatment:

“The endodontic is a part of the Dentistry that is in charge to eliminate the internal content of a dental piece when this is injured or has inflammation, infection or is traumatised and this is then known as root canal therapy.

This treatment can take one or two session of around one hour each and the cost depends on the amount of time that this treatment will take”.

The surgery is very fresh and clean and bright. Francisco has made sure that your visit to the Dentist will be a pleasant one. He has a great view (from the Dentist chair) to the Cajas and if you want to block out the sound you can put on the special headphones and listen to some great music or just lay back and watch some TV on the LCD screen above you.

Francisco speaks English which is a great help if you are trying to advise what type of dental work you require. Many Dentists specialize in different procedures.

Francisco is also able to recommend you to other specialists in Dentistry and other areas of need.

If you wish to make an appointment with Francisco while you are in Cuenca CLICK HERE and fill out the inquiry form at the end of the page.



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