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April 13, 2014

El Barranco Condos - Rentals in Cuenca

El Barranco Condos offers the ultimate in location for both singles and couples visiting Cuenca. Whether your stay is for weeks or months, each unit is fully furnished and equipped with everything you need. All utilities, including Wi-Fi and laundry, Direct TV, as well as weekly cleaning are included. Owners are bilingual, live on site and are always available for any special needs that may arise.

You will find our central location ideal, only 3 blocks from Parque Calderon, Cuenca's main square. It is an easy walk to restaurants, bars and cafés, art galleries, theaters, museums, food markets, Spanish schools and shops of all kinds. Stroll along the Tomebamba River or relax in nearby Madre Park.

Minutes away is “New Town” where you will find a modern supermarket, two malls, multiplex theaters showing first run movies, often in English, plus many more restaurants, shops and other conveniences.

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3 Day Cuenca Discovery Tour

Bienvenidos - Welcome Nestled in the Andean Mountains is the beautiful UNESCO heritage city of Cuenca. This charming city with its cobblestone streets and balconied buildings is a delight to explore whether on foot or by public transport. It is also an extremely affordable city to travel through ... READ MORE

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Ecuador Expat Personals

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