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April 27, 2014

Spanish Immersion Homestay

With your host, Lorell Stewart

You wake up in a modern and luxurious suite in the Andes Mountains, and gaze out of your enormous picture window to a sweeping view of all that is Cuenca. The iconic Blue Domes of the Catedral de la Immaculada are center stage, surrounded by terra cotta tile roofed homes, and further out, rows of Eucalyptus trees along each of Cuencas’ four rivers. To the north, the Basilica is framed in hues of green and blue-gray mountains. To the east is the pastoral town of Paute and to the west, the town of San Joaquin, with the road through the Caja Mountains, leading to the coastal town of Guayaquil. The air is fresh, and your surroundings are peaceful and quiet.

Right away you smell the Ecuadorian coffee brewing and you know that your host has ground the freshly roasted beans she receives weekly from her favorite coffee farm in nearby Yungilla. Your only big decision of the moment is whether to patter into the kitchen in your robe and slippers, or to go ahead and get ready for the day.

And so the Spanish Immersion begins. And as you enjoy your coffee and the breathtaking views, your host is gently teaching you essential Spanish, for over an hour each day. After breakfast, the decision on what you want to do with the rest of your day will be like picking which of Ecuadors’ finest chocolates to sample next.

In 10 minutes, and for a $2.50 taxi ride, you can be in El Centro; in the center of the action in Parque Calderon where you can people watch, tour the many historic sites of this UNESCO World Heritage City and explore the Indigenous mercados. Or perhaps you’d like to spend today at one of the many wonderful thermal baths and spas in Baños, also just a 10 minute taxi ride to the west? Interested in Incan history? You can tour the ruins of Ingapirca. Fly fishing? Trout is abundant in the myriad of the nearby Cajas lakes. And for tonight, well that is often the toughest decision of all; a dinner party with your host and some expat friends at one of Cuencas’ incredible restaurants? A sports bar with live salsa or rock ‘n roll music starting at 7:00 pm? The (free!) Cuenca Symphony, or perhaps an evening spent enjoying music at The Jazz Society?

And if you are thinking about retiring in Cuenca, well…you have just added an entirely new layer of adventure! Lorell Stewart has lived in Cuenca for many years, and has helped many friends complete their residency visa process, with all of the “moving parts” that that entails. In fact, for 2014, Lorell has been voted the #1 BEST Expat Facilitator in Cuenca, by the readers of Gringo Post, so you can rest assured you have a completely bilingual and culturally experienced expat to guide you.

For complete information on Lorell’s Spanish Immersion Homestay, and more CLICK HERE.

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