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February 05, 2014

Cuenca Health Insurance

CONFIAMED is a prepaid medical and health insurance plan for people of the ages from 60-75 years.

  • The annual coverage per condition/per incident/per accident is up to $6,000.
  • Normal coverage as an outpatient 60 days after being accepted by CONFIAMED.
  • Preexisting conditions will be covered 180 days after enrollment has been approved by CONFIAMED. This does not include catastrophic conditions.
  • No reimbursements, since lab tests, X-rays, etc., will be covered 100% within the network. The clinics that treat are“Red Medica” and “Santa Ana Clinic”.
  • Prescribed drugs (including brand names) will be covered at 80% (a coupon along with prescription will be given). The“SANA SANA” pharmacy chain will be used for all prescription fills/refills.
  • $10 Co-Pay for all Doctors’ visits, and there is no limit each year as per the number of Doctors that may be seen by the insured.
  • Primary medical care will be attended to by “Red Medica”,located in the building next to Hospital Monte Sinai on Avenida Solano. (First floor of the “Camara de la Construccion Building”).
  • Accident and Emergencies are 100% covered.
  • Hospitalization has 80% coverage/ outside the network has 70% coverage.
  • Travel emergencies coverage / USA-EUROPE-SOUTH AMERICA.
  • For appointments with Doctors it will be required to phone a call center to schedule the appointment. (“CALL CENTER”Phone number is 1-700-303-030 and Primary care “Red Medica” Phone number for appointments is 288-1008).
  • Specialists from “Santa Ana Clinic” will be part of the network.
  • Monthly premium is $86.38 per person.
  • No physical examination or any medical tests are required to qualify for the insurance.
  • Cash or credit cards only.

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