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October 04, 2014

Hola Everyone,

This newsletter is one with some sadness but also filled with happiness. As many of you know, I now reside in Australia, geographically quite a distance from Ecuador. I have always strived to give you the best from the "Heart of Ecuador" with the latest-greatest-best information available about the country. (La Republica Del Ecuador, por supuesto!).

Today I am proud to say that Retire-in-Ecuador will be coming to you directly from a very renowned local Ecuadorian. Today I am making a changing of the guard to the administration of the website to Sara Chaca of "Ecuador Visas & Containers". Sara completed her legal studies at the Catholic University of Cuenca and has become quite renowned all throughout Ecuador and much of the world for her law firm's processing of the following:

· Ecuador Residency Visas

· Ecuador Containers

· Ecuador Property Sales

· Ecuador Citizenship Applications (once one has been a Resident of Ecuador for the required 2 or 3 year period)

· Getting a Driver's License in Ecuador

· Opening Businesses in Ecuador

Sara has always remained efficient and timely in responding to emails which have been sent to her through the site. Her response time in replying is generally well under 24 hours and sometimes within the hour. This type of fantastic service is something most of us expect from our countries, but don’t always receive. However, to receive such a wonderful service in Ecuador is outstanding. Well done Sara.

It has been and will continue to be my greatest pleasure in watching both Sara and "Ecuador Visas & Containers" take Retire-In-Ecuador to the next level of sharing with you the latest news and information. Exciting times lie ahead for those retirees who are considering the move to Ecuador.

So for now I will say “Chao Chao” and I thank my subscribers and supporters for their continued loyalty over the years. It now gives me great pleasure to hand over to Sara who along with her team is very excited in continuing to work with those expats the world over who are considering a move to Ecuador and of course to be of assistance to those who are already living in Ecuador.

Saludos y un abrazo


Retire in Ecuador

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