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4,000 expats now reside in Cuenca, Ecuador
May 16, 2013

May 16th. 2013

Latest News:

Last night the ABC World News reported that there were over 4,000 American expats now residing in Cuenca, Ecuador.

If you have not already seen the video check it out HERE

Besides Americans there are also many from countries like Canada, Europe, Australia and many other nationalities who are becoming increasingly more interested in retiring to place where they can be happy and healthy. This can be acquired for most as they will find that there hard earned dollars will go farther than previously expected. Of course Ecuador is not for everyone and it is highly recommended that you take an exploratory visit before making that big decision in your life.


Guest writers. If you have relocated to Ecuador, Retire in Ecuador would love to hear from you. Become a guest writer for this website. If you are interested then please contact us. Or you may simply wish to share your story on our Expat Story page.

Expat classifieds

Our expat classifieds page has become incredibly busy. It has even now become a great way for expats travelling to Ecuador to meet up with like- minded people. Here you may also find travel buddies. Just remember that any information you give out on the site is totally up to you.


Retire in Ecuador Team

Expat Classifieds

Don’t forget to check out the expat classifieds which are free for personal placements. There are many interesting new ads being placed weekly and those who seeking to find new friends and those who are looking for a pen pal in Ecuador. CLICK HERE.

Join Michael Karsh as he interviews expats who have relocated to Cuenca, Ecuador

Cuenca Ecuador

Getting to Know Cuenca Tour – take a tour through Cuenca with expats Michel and Ashley through this wonderful city. Find out from these expats what it is really like to live in Ecuador.

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