Olympic Ecuadorian sprinter Alex Quiñónez hot on the heals of Usain Bolt

Congratulations to the 36 athletes who competed for Ecuador in the 2012 London Olympic Games. These athletes competed in many different events from track and field events, boxing, wrestling, equestrian and many more. For more details you can check out these amazing athletes on Wikipedia.

The men’s marathon is the final event before the official closing of the 2012 Olympic Games. Watch out for 27 year old Ecuadorian marathon runner Miguel Almachi. We wish you the best of luck in your race Miguel.

This past week while the world’s attention was focussed on the now legend Usain Bolt, competing in the 200 metres race, spare a thought for Ecuadorian sprinter Alex Quiñónez (Wikipedia 2012). The 22 yr old finished the final alongside some very elite athletes including the now “legend” Usain Bolt, who praised Jesse Owens. Alex finished the final in 7th position at a time of 20.57. The Ecuadorian’s 200m times in all three of his races (heats and finals) were faster than Jesse Owens’s Olympic Record in 1936. Ecuador should be very proud of this guy. Congratulations/ Alex you are a legend. Check out Alex’s photo stream of the race – Click here. (Zimbio 2012)

Open water swimmer Ivan Enderica 20, competed in his first Olympics. In this 10 kilometre swim Ivan came in at 21 (25 in the race) in a time of 1 hour, 52 minutes and 28 seconds. This young man is from Azuay and I believe he will receive a very welcoming home celebration in the city of Cuenca. Well done Ivan. (BBC 2012)

And what about wrestler Lissette Alexandra Antes Castillo she defeated the Great Britain contender in a time of six minutes much to the great disappointment of the GB athlete. Lissette wrestled with a knee complaint and did not qualify to go into the finals. She is returning to Ecuador where she will undergo knee surgery in the next week. Congratulations Lissette and we wish to a speedy recovery from you knee surgery. (SBS 2012)

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