Where does Ecuador rank in the Happy Planet Index?

It’s not surprising that the Happy Planet Index released figures in 2012 which stated that the happiest countries on the planet are found in Latin America. Qatar may be the richest country in the world but it just goes to show that money does not buy happiness. (American Development 2012) Japan comes in at number one in regards to life expectancy and Canada is named as the country which produces the most college graduates. (NowPublic.com 2012)

The report indicates that a study was conducted involving over 150,000 people to find the happiest countries in the world. Out of the 151 countries surveyed 7 of the top happiest countries were in Latin America with Costa Rica being named number one. What they all had in common were friendly happy smiling people who enjoy life. The study also found that the most common features for these happy people were just the simple things in life. (Happy Planet Index 2013)

Having a fancy car, clothes or other materialistic possessions did not come into the equation. Rather the attributes that were most common in these countries were those of being well respected within family and communities. Smiling and laughing a lot and just the feelings of pure enjoyment on a daily basis along with plentiful rest.

Data is collected by the Happy Planet Index by measuring three components. Life expectancy, experienced well-being and ecological footprint. These are then give a traffic light score on thresholds of green being good, amber being middle of the range and red being bad performance (Happy Planet Index 2013).

So where did Ecuador rate? Ecuador came in at 23 and on a green light for life expectancy and amber on both experienced well- being and ecological footprint (Happy Planet Index 2013).


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