Eduardo Vega

Living in Cuenca, Ecuador I often had occasions where I met and interviewed some very talented people.  One such person is the very famous Ecuadorean Ceramicist and Designer Eduardo Vega. I visited Eduardo at his beautiful gallery come workshop in Turi, Cuenca. Turi is a short taxi drive (approximately 15 minutes from down town ) from the city of Cuenca and is also a great tourist attraction and by far the best view of the city.

Eduardo Vega was born in Cuenca in 1938. He studied for four years at the Real Academia de San Fernando in Spain and then went and furthered his studies in London and France at the Bourges School of Fine Arts.

He returned to Cuenca where he was the first Artisan who created ceramic murals. The first of these murals was at the El Dorado Hotel, Cuenca in 1969.

Cuenca is a region with strong pottery traditions. Eduardo’s depiction of tropical abundance and his love of the historical and mythical characters combined with other local details make his work so interesting. His art incorporates modern styles with pre Columbian ceramics which is a delight to the eye.

I am sure when you visit the gallery you will not be able to resist taking home a piece or two. Many of the pieces are now exported worldwide and Eduardo has become internationally renowned. When you drive around this wonderful city, you will see many works that have been created by Eduardo. From large murals to Totems (Remigio Crespo). His works are also displayed in and around Quito and other places throughout the world. You will also be able to sit down and watch a very interesting Video about Eduardo. It only takes about 10 minutes and Is well worth watching and also see the Artisans are at work.

Back in the 70’s Eduardo started a company called Artesa. Artesa products are found throughout Ecuador and you can quickly identify if it is a true Vega product by checking to see if it has the renowned E Vega signature encrypted into the work.

Open from Monday to Friday from 9a.m. - 6 p.m. and Saturday from 9.30a.m. - 1.30 p.m.

You can hop in a taxi and ask to be taken to Eduardo Vega gallery in Turi and from the city the fare should be around $3.50.

Address: Via a Turi 201, 50ms before Turi Church

So make sure you come and visit Eduardo Vega's gallery and induldge in the beauty of his creations. Also enjoy the magnificent outlook over Cuenca.

 Make sure you take a look at Ceramica Vega.

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