Ecuador Coffee
by Patrick D Summers

Ecuador is a new comer to the coffee world. Its first trees were planted in 1952. While new to the game, they grow Arabica beans and are now producing some quality coffees. Previously Ecuador was not known for good beans and java because they had poor harvesting techniques as well as bad processing practices. Most of the Ecuador Coffee is used for blends. They mainly ship low grade coffee even though you can find a good batch or two of higher grade coffee beans. Growing beans is not as important to the Ecuadorian economy as other countries such as Brazil and Costa Rica, this lack of primacy reduces the incentives for the Ecuadorian government and farmers to refine their farming and harvesting techniques to produce better coffee. Bananas and other crops bring in more hard currency in the world market than coffee right now. Ecuador has the perfect climate for java and few countries are blesses with better terrier for coffee growing.

Many connoisseurs note a difference in quality among their seasonal crop. Home buyers should be aware most of the good coffee is picked during the June harvest and there is a noticeable drop in quality with their later harvests.Ecuadorian coffee is graded by size with beans classified as Galapagos and Gigante. Both classifications denote beans that are large and heavy. While they mainly grow Arabica beans, Ecuador is one of the few South American countries now growing Robusta coffee. Due to the lack of land suitable for growing the higher quality Arabica beans, most growth in the Ecuadorian coffee market is coming from Robusta plantations.Notable/Specialty CoffeesThe best Arabica beans come from the Highland Andes. Look for coffees from farms in that area. The highest regarded Ecuadorian coffee comes from the Chanchamgo Valley.


Flavor: Balanced with vibrant flavorsRoast: medium to high; better as blending than standalone coffee




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