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Find Health in Ecuador is a fully comprehensive English speaking Cuenca Medical Clinic & Cuenca Dental Clinic for Expats and local Ecuadorians alike, as well as a leading Ecuador Medical Tourism and Ecuador Dental Tourism provider, located in Cuenca, Ecuador.  We are devoted to improving your quality of life by assisting you through every step of your chosen Cuenca Medical Tourism or Cuenca Dental Tourism procedure and your stay here in Cuenca.  We focus on affordability and quality of care with optimal results, while providing a customized experience tailored to your personal needs and goals.  Many patients who had originally considered a Patients Beyond Borders Health Tourism experience, such as commencing with Costa Rica Dental Tourism, Mexico Medical Tourism or even for example Brazil Medical Tourism Plastic Surgery, researched and realized that because Cuenca Ecuador in its reputation of being a primary Expat Retirement Destination with nearly 10,000 Americans and Canadians ALREADY LIVING HERE, it makes for a non-culture shocked and much easier as well as even less expensive endeavor than as compared to other Medical Tourism destinations in the Americas overall.  To briefly illustrate this fact, Ecuador uses the US dollar as its only national currency, Ecuador has been ranked #1 in the world for the lowest cost of Medical and Dental procedures as well as the least costly place for Expat retirees to live a good life abroad, including having very excellent airports in Ecuador with fantastic new roads all across the country and picturesque views of the mountains and cloud forests, plus even Ecuador's famous Galapagos Islands all within simple reach of Cuenca Ecuador in just a couple or few hours at most.

Dr. Juan Gomezjurado

Age: 50 
Experience: 25 years 
English Capabilities: Intermediate 

Medical Credentials
Medical Doctor 
Intensive Care

Dr. Juan Gomezjurado graduated from the University of Cuenca where he obtained his MD. Shorty after, he began his career working for the IESS (State Run Health Insurance program of Ecuador) where he completed his residency in Internal Medicine after two years. Dr. Juan Gomezjurado traveled to Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he completed his Post-Graduate degree in Pneumology at the Hospital Universitario de Pirobano and Hospital Universitario de Clinicas for 4 years. During that time he also worked with world famous, Dr. Ricardo Joifer, where he did extensive research and studies of master formulas for respiratory illnesses as well as non-toxic, organic detoxifying organ cleansers with superb results. He then went on to study Intensive Care and obtained a Fellowship at the Universidad del Salvador. Dr. Juan Gomezjurado now dedicates the majority of his time attending to both Ecuadorians and the Expat Community at the Find Health in Ecuador Clinic. Dr. Juan Gomezjurado is married and has three daughters; some of his hobbies include horseback riding, nature hiking and playing the drums.

Cuenca Dentist

Age: 28 
Experience: 8 years 
English Capabilities: Advanced 

Dental Credentials
Master of Science in Dentistry

Professor of Dentistry at Multiple Cuenca Universities

Dr. Andres Pacheco graduated from the Catholic University where he obtained his MS in Dentistry. He is highly honored for receiving a 96/100 on his final graduate test from the faculty. He then went on to learn and study in several areas of importance in the dentistry world such as serving as a renowned dental spokesperson in various seminars and workshops. He also served as a Coordinator in the area of Outpatient Surgery at the Hospital Central Antonio Maria Pineda in Barquisimeto, Venezuela. Dr. Andres Pacheco then began his dental career working for a Dental Practice, “Pro Dental”, as a Dentist as well as sub-director for a Health Center for the Health Ministry of the Providence of Loja when he then became enabled to register under SENECYT (Ecuador’s Government Institution for Certifying Degree Credentials). He soon after became a Dental Professor at the Catholic University in Dental Anatomy and the University of Cuenca as well as Chemistry at the Catholic University. Today, Dr. Andres Pacheco works at the “Find Health in Ecuador Clinic” and is known widely for his gentle and “no pain dentistry techniques”. His hobbies include nature, classic cars, motorized sports and going to the movies.

 Did you know Cuenca has?

  • State of the Art Medical Care!
  • US & European trained Doctors!
  • 65 to 85 percent price reductions compared to the US and Europe!
  • Treatment plans tailored to your needs!

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