Cuenca DVD - Interviews with expats who have relocated to Cuenca, Ecuador - $19.95

Cuenca Ecuador

For those of you who have considered retiring in Ecuador and would like to hear what other expats have to say about relocating to Cuenca this DVD may be a way of finding out a little more without having to leave the country or spend money on an overseas airfare.

It’s packed with exclusive information about living or retiring in Cuenca. It’s the best introduction to retiring overseas you can get.

Join host Michael Karsh as he explores Cuenca and interviews many local expats.

This is the first in a series of DVD’s that Michael is preparing. Others will be on Thailand, Malaysia and Nicaragua.

Live or Retire Overseas DVDs

Live or Retire Overseas DVD’s give you genuine answers to your questions about living in the best places overseas. In every destination we find the people whose experiences benefit you the most. Host Michael Karsh conducts in-depth interviews with local expats who are the most trustworthy sources of information you can find anywhere at any price. Get answers from people who were in situations much like yours, and chose to change their lives for the better. They tell you the truth about—

What is the real cost of living?

· What is the quality of life really like?

· How is the weather throughout the year?

· Where are the best places to eat and drink?

· Where are the best places to meet people?

· How is the food and shopping?

· Do you need to know the language?

· What is there to do there?

· Do you need a car?

· How is the health care, and what does it cost?

· Should you be concerned about safety?

· What is the English-speaking community like?

· What are the pros and cons of living or retiring there?

· And much, much more!

Please note that I am not the producer of this DVD and all queries should be addressed to Michael Karsh.

Cuenca Ecuador

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